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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

This Week In Review #54

We here at the Daily Bungle wish to provide a public service by testing our readers to see how well they can differentiate fake news from real news. Below are five news stories. Four are fake, but one is real. Can you tell what's satire and what isn’t?

#1: ‘You Deserve This’ Spelled Out In Clouds Over America

The morning after the second presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, citizens across the nation have reported seeing the words “you deserve this” spelled out clearly in the clouds, with social media channels being flooded with images and video of the unusual event.

#2: U.S. Halts all Snapchats with Russia

The United States has issued its strongest warning to Russia yet. Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday, Secretary of State John Kerry, announced that the U.S. government will no longer be sending Snapchats to the Kremlin. Seen universally as the final step before a declaration of war, the two nations will no longer communicate using the popular photo sharing application.

#3: Black-owned Portland cupcake shop accused of racism

In early September, not long after opening, the shop ran into some trouble when Portland customers became upset by the "Mr. President" cupcake, described on the menu as "Oreo Cookie baked inside white cake, cookies n' cream buttercream."

#4: Disney Threatens Legal Action Over Phrase “Darker than Empire”

Citing claims of false advertising and anti-consumer laws, lawyers for the Walt Disney Company have sent warnings to every major Hollywood studio regarding a controversial trend in fandom film marketing. According to our sources, the kerfuffle centers on use of the term “darker than Empire” in the marketing of films.

#5: Government Asks George R.R. Martin To Rewrite Election So That Everyone Dies

The USA is asking George R.R. Martin to re-script the election, from scratch, and wipe everyone out. In a hail of bullets, swords, knives and blood, we’d be back to a clean slate. It would be like we never heard the foolishness from Ben Carson about grain silos or Jim Webb basically crying about white people ignored in this a room full of Democrats. You almost forgot about that one, right? Yeesh.