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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Safe Spaces Provided For Male Students At Feminist College Speech

Safe Spaces Provided For Male Students At Feminist College Speech

Male college students feel “triggered” by feminist speaker, retreat to “safe spaces” with free beer and pornography.

Katie Incorrect
Daily Bungle

A recent speech by a controversial feminist professor caused male college students to retreat by the droves into male-only “safe spaces” created to safeguard them against any “triggering” and “problematic” comments.

Lodi Breequoes, dean emeritus of gender studies at Farnsworth University (FU), recently gave a speech entitled “Men: What Are They Good For? Absolutely Nothing!” in which she claimed that all men were “potential rapists” indoctrinated by their “patriarchal society” to “hate” and “oppress” women.

While her audience that evening started out with a healthy balance of students from both genders, nearly halfway through her speech, most male, and a few female, students had left.

Male “men’s rights” student activists, prior to the event, has set up male-only “safe spaces” outside the auditorium where the speech was held, offering male students somewhere to retreat to if they felt “triggered” or “threatened” by the female professor’s opposing views.

These safe spaces were furnished with free beer, pizza, chicken wings, Playboy magazines, video games, and a large flatscreen television broadcasting the most recent sports game. At least two dozen male students congregated within these safe spaces during and after the speech.

Prior to the speech, male students had also placed “trigger warning” signs outside of the auditorium, warning students that the speech would contain “misandrist” language.

One photo posted on Twitter showed a male student holding up a sign reading “TRIGGER WARNING: anti-male bashing ahead” and advertising the location of the safe space.

As for the feminist speaker herself, Breequoes merely brushed of the backlash against her speech as a symptom of “male entitlement”, calling the male students “neo-reactionary chauvinists” who were shedding “male tears” over the loss of “white male privilege.”

“Everything that I said during my speech were merely the mainstream views held by modern feminists, and if a few immature boys get upset over it, then it’s only because of their unearned white straight cis-gendered male privilege,” Breequoes said.

During her previous 20-year-long tenure, Breequoes remained steadfastly and unabashedly militant in her feminism, routinely railing from her lectern against the evils of “patriarchy” and “rape culture.” Even after her retirement, she serves as the feminist voice of the university, often hosting lectures and seminars such as these.

She has worked alongside the student feminist organization, "Feminists against Regressive Troglodytes” (FART), to further the cause of gender equality on campus through student code reforms.

Their most recent victory was achieved last year when the college reformed its dress code in order to ban fedoras, which campus feminists considered to be “hate symbols” and “icons of white male privilege.”

Currently, she and her fellow FARTers have joined the nationwide feminist battle against date rape on college campuses by advocating for stricter restrictions within the student code of sexual conduct; however, rather than simply advocate for the enforcement of “affirmative consent,” they have proposed banning sexual intercourse—specifically penis-in-vagina (PIV) intercourse—among students altogether.

In fact, during her recent speech, Breequoes called for radical legal reform by demanding for the re-definition of rape as “sexual intercourse for any purpose other than the expressed intent of reproduction” and for the removal of due process in rape cases.

“Civilization, since its very beginning, has been governed by male violence against women, and the main tool through which they have perpetuated their violence has been sex,” Breequoes said during her speech. “Only by removing this tool of male violence can women have true equality within society. Anything less than this is oppression.”

Controversial remarks such as that forced many male students to leave their seats and retreat to the male-only safe spaces, though many students expressed frustration as to why the ex-professor was allowed to speak on campus to begin with.

“Sitting there listening to her make those misandrist remarks, about how men were a scourge on civilized society, it made me feel like a Jew in a Nazi rally,” said Joseph Belau, a male college student who helped organize the safe space and spread awareness through the “trigger warning” posters.

Belau is a leading member of F.U.’s student “men’s rights” activist group. In the past, they have requested the college to invite Christina Hoff Sommers, an American Enterprise Institute (AEI) scholar noted for her “anti-feminist” views, to speak on campus; however, their efforts have been curtailed by FART, who had counter-petitioned the college to have the “anti-feminist” speaker banned from campus.

Ironically enough, Sommers herself has experienced similar instances of “safe spaces”, which feminist activists had set up at universities such as Georgetown and Oberlin where she has been invited to speak, providing female students a place to retreat to if they considered her comments “triggering.”

“A man-hater like Breequoes is allowed to preach her hatred towards men, but a speaker like Sommers isn’t allowed to come on campus and say feminists like her are full of it? Give me a break,” Belau said.


The Daily Bungle
“News so messed up, it almost seems real.”


The last quote pretty much says it all. Universities frequently invite feminist speakers to preach their hatred towards men, and yet when an anti-feminist like Christina Hoff Sommers is invited to discuss how those feminists are full of it, these same bastions of "enlightened free thought" have to set up “safe spaces” for female students who feel “triggered” by her opposing views. Modern academia truly is a farce!