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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Rape Victim Triggered By Transgender Woman In Gym Locker Room

Rape Victim Triggered By Transgender Woman In Gym Locker Room

The presence of a naked transgender woman in a locker room caused a former rape victim to experience horrific flashbacks of her past trauma.

Tim Russet Potato
Daily Bungle

Planet Fitness prides itself in offering a “judgement-free zone” where all of its members can feel comfortable, but one local gym faces a dilemma in ensuring that two members feel comfortable, even though the presence of one make the other feel uncomfortable.

A local gym received complaint from a female member, and former rape victim, concerning a transgender woman using the women’s locker room.

The woman who made the complaint (and who declined to provide her name), was a former rape victim who claimed that the transgender woman’s presence in the dressing area made her feel uncomfortable due to her past rape experience.

Planet Fitness offers a "no-judgment" policy which allows members to use whichever locker room best associates with their “gender identity”, which means that members who are biologically male are allowed to use the women’s locker room if they identify as female.

Earlier this year, a Michigan gym expelled a female member after she complained (in an “inappropriate” manner) about a transgender women using the women’s locker room.

However, in the case of this local incident, the gym did not and would not consider revoking the membership of the complaining female member, as they sympathize with her concerns and situation, one gym representative said.

The gym has not yet decided what it would do to facilitate either or both gym members, but has assured that they plan on reaching a compromise.

The woman who made the complaint was raped two years ago. The experience had since left her suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and has required her to attend regular therapy sessions.

As part of her therapy, she was advised to pursue a hobby through which she could channel her stress. She decided to do so by joining a gym, which she has been a member of for more than a year.

Since then, her condition has fared much better. Her regular workout sessions and yoga classes have allowed her to relieve stress and regain confidence in her own body.

“When I was raped, I felt that I had lost all control over my own body, and that made me feel vulnerable,” she said. “Since joining this gym, I feel I have regained much better control, and I feel better, both physically and mentally.”

She had chosen Planet Fitness, not only for its affordable gym membership, but also for its dedication to providing a safe, diverse workout environment. Such a “judgement-free zone” felt most ideal for a rape survivor as herself.

However, whatever security she might have enjoyed within the gym seemed to have been torn away from her when she encountered a transgender woman in the locker room.

When she entered to find the person undressing, the naked male anatomy she was unintentionally exposed to triggered a panic attack, forcing her to retreat from the locker room.

“The last time I saw a man naked was when my rapist was violating me,” she explained. “So when I stumbled upon him [the transgender woman] undressing, it felt as though I could hardly breathe. I had to get out. I just didn’t feel safe in there.”

The transgender woman in question (who has also declined to give her name) claimed that she did not intend to upset the other woman, and had she known that her presence would have caused such a reaction, she wouldn’t have been in the same room as her at that time.

The gym has declined to offer any comment on the situation, other than that it is trying to figure out a solution to the current predicament.


The Daily Bungle
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Earlier this year, a male college student was banned from campus because he reminded a female student of her rapist. Considering Planet Fitness' "no-judgement" policy, which allows transgender "women" to use the women's locker room, would the gym franchise offer the same courtesy to a former rape victim if she was "triggered" by a transgender in the locker room?